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Welcome to Running Buddy
The Physio Led App Simplifying Strength Training for Runners
*As featured on the RTE Running Podcast

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Strength training programmes designed to optimise your running and health


My name is Patrick Carroll and I have developed Running Buddy to ensure every runner has access to high quality strength and conditioning advice and programming. I believe that most runners know they should be strength training to complement their running but in many cases they are unsure what to do. Running Buddy aims to solve this problem. 


My formal education includes a BSc in Sport & Exercise Sciences and an MSc in Physiotherapy. I have worked with people for over a decade to help improve their health and for the last eight years I have worked primarily as a chartered musculoskeletal physiotherapist while also providing individualised strength and conditioning plans for runners. A strong scientific background and practical experience of working with injured and healthy runners allows me to create resources that optimise runners’ health and performance. 


Starting Line is an introductory programme and it provides two structured strength sessions per week that can be done from home without equipment. The programme consists of three levels and each level will take 4-6 weeks to complete. The purpose of this programme is to introduce fundamental movements that allow a lifetime of strength training while also ensuring initial strength gains are made.


Loading Up is the most recent addition. This programme builds on Starting Line and introduces basic equipment to ensure progress can continue at home. More advanced plyometric exercises are included and strength exercises become more demanding. 


Upon sign up, you will have access to the Running Buddy "User  Manual". This provides more detail about the programmes and provides templates that outline how weekly running and strength sessions can be scheduled. 

App Features

Structured Programmes

Clearly laid out training programmes are the centre piece of Running Buddy.


Programmes contain workouts that are progressive and highly relevant to running. 


Instructional videos accompany each exercise in every workout.


This ensures you learn the appropriate technique and are confident in executing each movement.  


Recording your training is essential to ensure progression over time.


Running Buddy allows you to easily track progress within the app.  

Integrate with well known platforms

Running Buddy allows you sync your activities across well known platforms such as Garmin, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health & Apple Watch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? 

After following the link to subscribe you will be brought through the set up process. You will need to enter some details and then you will be prompted to download the Trainerize app. This hosts the Running Buddy programmes. 

Are there running plans included?

For now, Running Buddy focuses on helping with the non running elements of your training. There is advice within the app about how to integrate the programmes with your current running plan. 

How do I get help with the app? 

There is a chat function within the Running Buddy app. Any queries will be answered here. Within the app there will be a detailed document to support using the app as effectively as possible. 

What subscription options are there? 

There are two options to choose from,  monthly and annual options. Both provide unlimited access to all programmes. The annual subscription works out 20% cheaper than a monthly subscription. You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time. The annual option provides access for a full calendar year, this cannot be refunded. You can trial the programme for one month at a 50% discount using the code "TRIAL50" at checkout. 

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