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Nutrition for Runners with Sports Dietician Evan Lynch

Updated: May 3, 2023

I spoke with Evan Lynch on an Instagram Live about all things nutrition for runners. Evan is a registered sports dietician and nutritionist who works with people of all walks of life. Due to Evan's extensive professional training he is entrusted with helping people with specific dietary needs due to medical issues and he's also hired by elite endurance athletes to fine tune their training and competition fuelling strategies.

There were plenty of questions came in from followers and I tried to ask Evan ones which would be applicable to large numbers of runners. I think we covered interesting topics and the breakdown below outlines what we got into.

0.00 - 09.10: Intro & Evan's background

09.10 - 14.00: If being 100% 'on plan' 7 days a week isn't possible, what is the one thing Evan would recommend to concentrate on?

14.00 - 18.17: How do I ensure my active 10 year old son is getting enough protein even though he can’t eat dairy (lactose intolerant)?

18.17 - 28.05: a) If you stick with a pescatarian diet is there anything you might miss out on?

b) Iron levels and blood testing.

c) Low energy availability and inflammatory responses.

28.05 - 31.41: Making a good decision when eating out the night before a race?

31.41 - 34.26: Nervous stomach and running to the loo before a run - is there anything I can do to help?

34.26 - 37.25: Is collagen useful when recovering from an injury?

37.25 - 39.50: If a runner is adding strength training to their training do they need to adjust their protein intake?

39.50 - 47.10: Can you drop a couple of kg's while training hard without it impacting your performance or recovery?

47.10 - 50.30: If there was one belief runners have about nutrition that you could change what would it be?

I think there is something in this discussion for all runners and I hope you get some value from it!

Evan and his team are in high demand and their availability is filling up quickly. Get in touch with them here if you’d like to work with them -

Thanks for watching,


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